BusterBeagle3D MK2 to MK3 frame conversion kit




This listing is for parts to convert your MK2 manual injection molding machine to the pneumatic MK3!


See more details at BusterBeagle3D’s MK3 introduction YouTube Video

A more in depth assembly and useage video is shown here

See the instruction manual here, and the full BOM here

This kit provides only some hardware to build the MK3 machine shown; this is not the entire machine.  Please note, this frame kit does not include the vise, and many other parts.  This frame kit does make sourcing the hardware easier and cheaper than purchasing individual parts.  For more details and instructions see the links above.

Pneumatic cylinders for this machine are sold separately here.

*As of May 3rd, 2022 the included “L shape silver joint brackets…” are to be supplied black powdercoated.  Please be aware this of this cosmetic difference; your machine will have black corner brackets on a silver frame.  Otherwise they are the same.

Below is taken from the Busterbeagle3D BOM, see included parts in red:





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